Employee Testimonials

What Our Employees Are Saying

When, as a new employee, I participated to the first sales training, in the Victaulic Head office located in USA, I was surprised to see how the employees were talking about the company with such respect and passion. Today, after 3 years of experience, as a sales engineer in the north of Spain, I have understood what makes Victaulic so special and the importance of the “Victaulic Identity” in my every-days’ activity. It is a unique experience to be part of an 85 year old company which enables people from all around the world to work together for the common goal to make the company bigger and stronger. The continual growth of our markets is the best proof that the products and services that we offer to our customers are satisfying their needs and covering key values of their activities.

Guillaume, Victaulic - Spain
Regional Sales Manager

I have been a member of the Victaulic team since 2001. I began my career as a Sales Engineer and now hold the position of Regional Sales Manager/OEM Key Accounts in Western/Middle Germany. I decided to join Victaulic because of the company’s excellent industry reputation, the career opportunities that exist, and the strong support sales people receive from the headquarters employees. During the past few years, my team and I have managed to establish the Victaulic system in the German market. What makes us so excited about the future however is that we feel we have only “scratched the tip of the iceberg”. There is tremendous potential for our business to continue to grow in Germany, across Europe, and around the globe. It is an exciting company to be a part of and one with a bright future.

Jorge, Victaulic - Germany
Project Manager

Upon joining the Victaulic team almost 4 years ago I found out there was nothing better than working on a goal oriented, international team where people share the sheer enthusiasm to work for a company that plays a key role in the European fire protection and HVAC markets. As a Customer Care Employee I have participated in many useful product trainings which enabled me to get in-depth knowledge about Victaulic solutions. As Victaulic is constantly growing and the Customer Care Department handles more and more high profile projects the project team was created. I was happy to grow within the organization and be a part of this new team. My role has provided an opportunity to stay in touch with all the branches and departments and made me believe that anything is possible if you are just willing to embrace the possibilities lying ahead of you and choose Victaulic as your best possible career path.

Katarzyna, Victaulic - Belgium
Project Engineer

Victaulic recognizes the importance of new product development and believes in the ingenuity of its employees. In this role, I am afforded a creative and diverse environment to work closely with the talented Victaulic specialists in different departments from around the world.

Chunlei, Victaulic - Dalian, China
Sales Engineer

I joined the trainee program at Victaulic three years ago after I graduated from university. Since I joined the company, Victaulic has been very supportive in my professional career development. I am proud to be a member of a company who is a leader in the industry, and feel my contributions help to maintain and enhance its reputation. I look forward to a bright future with Victaulic.

Julie, Victaulic - Shanghai, China
Warehouse Coordinator

What impresses me most about Victaulic is the management team genuinely cares about the safety and wellbeing of their employees. We purchase only high quality tools and follow the safety guidelines religiously, which ensure the productivity and safety of workers. And, with a history of over 85 years, there is a tremendous amount of resources available in the company, which gives me the opportunity to grow professionally.

Hook, Victaulic - Taiwan, China
Marketing Communication and Training Specialist

Throughout my three years with Victaulic, I have been given the opportunity to nurture my professional career development by finding a role in the company that suits my interests and abilities. My transition from Sales Assistant to Marketing and Training Specialist has given me a new set of exciting responsibilities and challenges which inspire me to develop and learn new skills and abilities. I am proud to be a part of the Victaulic global family and appreciate the opportunity to realize my full potential cooperative and encouraging working culture.

Amy, Victaulic - Shanghai, China
Director of Fluid Control Technology

As an engineer, I appreciate the way Victaulic demonstrates its willingness to invest in long term growth, both in physical equipment and engineering resources.

Bill, Victaulic - Headquarters
Director of Customer Care

I've been with Victaulic since 1989, and I am proud to be a part of a company that has such a distinguished reputation for its quality, its culture and the way it respects its employees and the communities where its facilities are located.

Lisa, Victaulic - Headquarters
Manager of Branch Operations

I've gone from Manufacturing Clerk to Inventory Control Supervisor, to the Operations Manager for the Western Region to Commodity Manager for the whole company. Most recently, I was promoted to Customer Care Operations Manager. I even earned my degree in Business Management through the Victaulic Tuition Reimbursement Program.

Steve, Victaulic - Richmond Hill, Canada
Global Materials Manager

I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a number of varied positions at Victaulic, and along the way have touched nearly every facet of my original Industrial Engineering education. I’ve had the opportunity to continuously learn, grow, and develop through the projects I’ve worked on, the positions I’ve held, and the responsibilities I have.

Carl, Victaulic - Headquarters
Director of Business Processes

During my 35-year career with the company, I've seen Victaulic grow from a local company of 600 people to a 3,700 person global enterprise, and the company has always encouraged its employees to explore their potential.

Dina, Victaulic - Headquarters
Manager of Business Analytics

I feel fortunate that Victaulic has afforded me the opportunity to stretch my Mechanical Engineering degree in ways I never envisioned. I’ve gone from Rotational Engineer, to Buyer/Planner, to Materials Manager, to currently the Manager of Business Analytics for our US Customer Care team. It is rewarding to know that my contributions in each position have and continue to positively affect our business. Victaulic is deeply vested in innovation which shows itself in every facet of the organization, including the development of internal talent by creating a unique mix of challenges and personal strengths.

Jonathan, Victaulic - Headquarters
Product Manager of Stainless Steel Systems

The Rotational Engineering Program gave me a well-rounded perspective that spans manufacturing engineering, foundry engineering, quality assurance, project management, and production supervision.

Adam, Victaulic - Headquarters